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Interview with Kiwi freshwater ecologist, Emily Demchick

Despite good intentions to write a blog and newsletter every month, my workload over the last few months has made it impossible. Having to shut my website and transfer the data to the online store, working on several urgent and very time-consuming projects and trying to push my wildlife illustration business to the next level has kept me flat-out busy (and this isn’t counting my tutoring commitments either). FYI, if you search, you will automatically be transferred ...

May 13, 2021

Our Enviro-friendly Packaging Ethos

We all experience disillusionment. I did about a fortnight ago when I discovered that my supposedly biodegradable cellophane packaging is not actually biodegradable, nor is it real cellophane – it is biaxially-oriented polypropylene (BOPP). I was horrified, as I thought I was using environmentally friendly packaging for my artwork and other merchandise. I am angry that manufacturers and retailers are selling ‘cellophane’ that is NOT cellophane. True cellophane is made from plants containin...

February 14, 2021

Interview with Kiwi herpetologist, Carey Knox

In today’s blog, I am delighted to share the interview with Carey Knox, a herpetologist (reptile and amphibian researcher) based in Otago.Hi Carey, thank you for your willingness to be interviewed. No worries Generally, I review art products, books and relate my art adventures on my blog, however, I have just started interviewing conservationists, photographers, artists and others who love New Zealand and our flora and fauna.I enjoy seeing your Instagram posts and can’t wait to sha...

December 28, 2020

The Inspiration Behind My Wildlife Art

The BackgroundI have always loved animals. I was blessed growing up with many pets: dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, a tortoise,  African grey parrot, rosellas, pigeons, budgies, canaries, love birds, various finches, chickens, geese, quail, pheasant and more. I always wanted a horse and nearly got one but was advised that he was a vicious brute and my parents backed out at the last minute. My dream pet was a Komodo dragon and I would still very much like having a lizard an...

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