Affordable Framing for Prints

Framing is expensive... however,

I have figured out a way to frame even non-standard sized prints.

Although many of my prints are standard A4, A3 or A2 sizes, some of my prints are not (and there were reasons why I chose to work on non-standard canvases, as I felt standard sizing would not enhance the design).

Traditionally, a print will have a mat placed on top of the print when framed under glass, as seen in this photo:

For the frog, I actually used the back of the mat, as the front clashed horribly with the paper of the print. Don't be afraid to be creative when matting a print. 

But what happens if you cannot find a frame and mat that fit your artwork?

When framing for exhibition, I stopped trying to find frames that matched, but rather went for the frames that worked with a little bit of tweaking. I only buy expensive frames for some originals. I buy budget frames for the prints. Second-hand frame, from op shops, can also be a great way to frame your new art print.

For the 'Torrentfish' print, I bought a collage frame intended for three 4 x 6 inch photos. I removed the mat and instead cut a piece of charcoal grey mat board to fit the size of the frame (the mat is a solid piece and not cut in a frame like the mat around my frog print). 

I use Bostik Removable Sticky Glu Dots on each corner of the print to adhere the print to the mat and then place it behind glass. 

Sometimes the print may need to be trimmed, but once it is in the frame, I think it looks good and was much cheaper than professional framing. 


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