Fundraising for Charities

I create art for a reason.

One of the reasons is selling art as fundraising for charities. 

Please help me to support these extremely deserving charity groups.

Fundraising for Charities


"This artwork is realistic but symbolic of the innocence and resilience of the people of Ukraine. My Mother's family is originally from Poland and the Czech Republic, so this feels really close to home and I want to do my bit to support the Ukrainians. The Eurasian blue tit is indigenous to Ukraine and also has the Ukrainian national colours, so I can't think of a better representative to show support for Ukraine.”

Betty is collaborating with doodlewear to fundraise and raise awareness of the war crisis in Ukraine. 

All artist profits from the sale of this design will go to to Médecins Sans Frontières who are at the forefront of providing aide in Ukraine and are continuously increasing their response to support local hospitals caring for the war wounded and working with local authorities to bring medicine and medical supplies into the country to treat its citizens. Médecins Sans Frontières is also trying to help the refugees seeking safety who have fled Ukraine.

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Fundraising for Charities

Betty is proud to support the South Island Wildlife Hospital

Please me raise funds for the South Island Wildlife Hospital.

They treat and rehabilitate local (often endangered) wildlife and is entirely staffed by volunteers. The hospital is completely dependent on donations. 


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