The Many Hats Artists Wear – Part 2

Image from Pixabay

Following on from yesterday’s introduction, my job as an artist involves all the following:

1. Correspondence

I do my best to deal with all email and social media correspondence as soon as possible. It is the first task six days a week. Since I prioritise communication with customers, etc. I sometimes experience frustration that others do not do the same. I am learning to understand that other folk may have other priorities and choose not to get annoyed when someone’s response is considerably delayed, or I am stone-walled (which happens regularly).

2. Marketing, promoting, etc.

I am grateful to use Ampjar (https://ampjar.com/) for promotion. Businesses that join Ampjar shout out other businesses to help promote and gain visibility for them. In turn, someone else shouts out your business. It has been amazing getting to know some other business owners, both here in New Zealand and overseas. I feel so fortunate to be a part of this platform.

I would like to encourage small and micro business owners to be a little altruistic and willing to support other businesses, because when one small business operator supports another, a positive ripple effect will take place and an economy can grow.

As you know, I recently ran a couple of promotions for new merchandise:
Rare Wear t-shirts
: my new 100% pure cotton t-shirts that share the conservation awareness message.
 artist collaboration sweatshirts and hoodies.

I am planning other promotions for future business developments, which will happen when they happen. I always have time goals but have learned to bend when the wind blows my timeframes far away.

3. Promotion Pathways

I view the following as different pathways to promote my business, communicate with customers and interested parties and market my products:
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Blogs
  • Newsletters

It is a lot of work for one person to do and I am always researching how to use all these ‘paths’ better. I have just started learning how to use MailChimp, so hopefully the new newsletter format will be appealing to those who receive them.

Tomorrow I will share some more of the ‘many hats’ I don on a daily basis. Today’s blog is the second part of a series of mini blogs, which I will post over the coming days.

I would really love to hear about your art business, or your thoughts if you are contemplating becoming a self-employed artist. As always, I am also keen to read any tips you may have.

Until then…


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