The Many Hats Artists Wear – Part 7 (Final)

Image from Pixabay

In the concluding mini-blog of this series, my job as an artist involves the following:

13. Struggles with technology
When I have a list of tasks to do in a day, there is insufficient time to deal with technology challenges. This is my biggest frustration and often makes me wish that we not be so dependent of technology. I was going to share my recent techno battles but took pity on my readers.

Images from Pixabay

14. Finally, painting, drawing and embroidery

Yes, it is time to generate some artwork, but is 5 pm and there are dogs to walk and tea to cook. Maybe tomorrow will work out as an artwork day?
I do work in the evening; however, my artwork needs extremely good lighting, which is not relaxing for the rest of the folk in the room. I usually do my needlework in the evening as I find it less cognitive and more relaxing.

Before anyone has a chance to feel overwhelmed by my art business responsibilities, I would like to add, that even though I earn considerably less than I used to, my stress levels have also alleviated, and this is something I am not willing to trade for a fat salary. I sleep better at night; I am happy and enjoy life to the fullest. I no longer dread Monday mornings. I am surrounded by my best friends, Mum and the three hounds, Elza, Gaius and Quink, and I make the most of every day, grateful that I can be self-employed, doing what is most important.

I would really love to hear about your art business, or your thoughts if you are contemplating becoming a self-employed artist. As always, I am also keen to read any tips you may have.

At this point, I have not settled on the subject of my next blog but hope it will be an artist or conservationist interviews. Please watch this space.

Until next time…


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