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‘Malherbe’s Parakeet’ ladies 100% cotton sweatshirt, doodlewear.
‘Malherbe’s Parakeet’ ladies 100% cotton sweatshirt, doodlewear.


Some people have commented that the products I sell are too expensive. Evaluation of expense is relative so what is too costly for one person is easily affordable by another. However, the last thing I want is to profiteer – and at present I am running at a loss because art involves such a huge outlay of time and cost for materials that it is almost impossible to recoup unless/until an artist becomes fashionable. To be perfectly honest, I cannot afford to buy my own products at the moment but I hope to bless those of you who can afford them. For those of you who are as cash strapped as I am, we may need to depend on big retailers instead of craftspeople.

There are practical reasons why my products cost more than those available through mass-production retailers.

My Decision to Only Sell Natural Fibre Merchandise on my Store
Since I paint endangered species, which are often affected by pollution and habitat destruction, it is ethical to ensure that my products are:
  1. Consistently raising awareness of threatened species.
  2. Created from natural fibres or products, which are not pollutive.
  3. Environmentally-friendly: producing little or no pollution during manufacturing and do not pollute when washed and finally disposed.
  4. Biodegradable.
  5. Healthy for the customer wearing or using them.
  6. Sustainable.
  7. Durable – natural fibres last longer than man-made (synthetic, plastic fibres).
  8. Where possible, are organic – just as nature intended, and not impregnated with nasty pesticides/herbicides, toxins, etc.
  9. Excellent quality, so that the merchandise is well worth the cost.
  10. Manufactured locally and/or through ethical manufacturers who do not exploit their labour force.
  11. Beautiful but useful – it is possible to create products that have both characteristics.
  12. By purchasing cotton garments, we are supporting farmers rather than fossil fuel industry.

My aim is to produce GUILT-FREE products that only positively impact customers, wildlife and the planet.

Currently, my artwork is available on a range of adult organic cotton t-shirts on my online store, Bumble-Bees Art and Crafts (https://www.bumble-beesartandcrafts.com/ ).

In a couple of weeks, organic cotton t-shirts with my artwork, will also be available from doodlewear (https://www.doodlewear.co.nz/collections/auntie-betty-illustration ).

An organic cotton & 100% cotton baby-wear and children’s t-shirt range is available on my online store, as well as 100% cotton adults sweatshirts and hoodies.

I am so impressed by the quality of these garments. All artwork printing is done in New Zealand by Digitees, using environmentally-friendly inks on ethically manufactured garments. My garments are only printed when a customer orders, so there is no waste, and Digitees ships the garments in a compostable bag to the customer, which is cheaper for the customer and better for the environment. Bumble-Bees and Digitees are both passionate about being as eco-conscious as possible.

Are you ready to start purchasing more durable, natural clothes and homeware?

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